Amanda Marchand

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The Lumen Project

2017: The Lumen Project comprises a series of collaborative sun prints, made as a response to these turbulent times. In this series I invite collaborators to sit in silence or in mediation, marking our time together on this planet. We sit in a circle on what is essentially a large mat of tiled photo paper. For the duration of the sitting (between a half hour to an hour), the sunlight marks the paper leaving a lighter imprint where there is a human form. These large-scale images are titled "Lumen" prints, taken from lumen printing, the art of making simple images with the sun and photographic (darkroom) paper. Everyone who participates signs the work and is gifted a small print.

The first Lumen piece took place on Feb 4, 2017 in San Francisco. The second Lumen piece took place March 16, 2017, on Manasota Key, Florida.

If you are interested in making a Lumen print in your area, please contact me.

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Lumen I, San Francisco, Feb 4, 2017 40 min overcast, Ilford RC Warmtone

Lumen II, Mar 16, Manasota Key, FL 35 min, sun, Slavich Bro 80BP Gloss