The idea of landscape as unchartered territory no longer exists. Belonging to a long and evolving history, a landscape is a cultural imprint, revealing various sensorial states and manifestations. In part, this work speaks personally to the idea of "home," to the emotional resonances embedded in photographs of place. Here the landscapes of California (415) and Quebec (514) are paired, as mostly diptychs, juxtaposing the two places I was living at the time. In these photographs I am less interested in specific locale (the images are not titled, for example) than in something ineffable.

I was initially drawn to the idea that the horizon does not exist in nature, per se, but is purely a visual construct. This work begins with an interest in horizon lines, the strange fact that what you are seeing in terms of composition is not physically there. The series carries forth with its own specific and formal syntax, employing dissonance and resonance as poetic logic.

C-Prints. Diptych pairs, each 20x20", edition of 10. Triptychs each image 20x20", edition of 5. Singles 30x30", edition of 5. 2003-2004. (Archival pigment prints now available in 40x40" sizes)

415/514 Portfolio book published by Edition One Studios, 2009.