Nothing Will Ever be the Same Again

Published by Datz Press, 2019. This series takes place during deep winter in the mystic north, with only 6 hours of daylight. The book focuses on three windows in a century-old schoolhouse and their subtle surprises; nautical twilight, a bird, the sudden sun... The square panes and the window reference the camera frame – here, a medium-format, producing a square negative. This work is a return to a childhood state of pure presence. Like the practice of meditation, these photographs ask, “What happens when you pay attention?” In slow time, for the month of January, they pay witness to our natural world where the seasons may not always be a constant.

No two books are exactly alike - one page at the end is unique with a different image, a 2 ¼” C-print tipped in. The removable slipcover also reveals a poem that doubles as a list of titles.

Nothing Will Ever be the Same Again is an edition of 300. Hardcover, 84 pages, 119 photographs, 10x11.5", 2015-2019. $85 USD

A Special Collector's Edition with wooded box is available in an edition of 30. This edition comes with a signed and matted 6.5x6.5" archival pigment print, "And Always" and an exquisitely crafted wooden case. Like the regular edition, each book is unique with a singular page at the end. $550 USD