Night Garden

Winter’s Note

Winter's Note

Hello garden friends. Some of you know will already know the reason for this note.

My mother’s health declined suddenly in the fall and she was admitted to the Royal Victoria Hospital on December 3rd, where she spent more than two months being cared for by an exceptional team of nurses and doctors. She died this February 16th at 3:20 in the morning with my sister and I holding her hands. She was greatly loved and will be greatly missed.

During her spirited dance with cancer my mother was very brave, and in two and a half years I never once saw her complain or look badly upon her situation. We were very lucky to have been together as a family for long parts of the past three months. I feel very privileged to have had this parting gift, my mother’s courage and grace, and many long hours spent chatting, joking and lounging, surrounded by family and loved ones.

The funeral was held in Montreal at the Outremont Chapel on the mountain, Friday February 22. As my oldest friend, who is very funny, texted “I think it was the best funeral I’ve ever been to – sounds weird but it was – people stayed and stayed and there was such a great feeling. It was perfect…”

Thank you, once again, for helping to make Night Garden such a success. My mother loved the whole project, and her hospital room in the women’s pavilion was decorated with family photos and Night Garden prints. Some of her last words were how much she loved those photographs, so you will know how much this collaboration meant to her.

Last week I was walking in the rain with Emmet (4 years) and he was holding an umbrella and he grumbled, “I can’t see you, mum!” and I answered, “You don’t have to see me, silly, I’m holding your hand.” I miss my mum in ways I can’t put into words. But that is a little how it is with death, now, in the good moments. I can’t see her, but it feels like she is there all the same, holding my hand.

Take care, and love,


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