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Many Moons

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Hello from the garden,

If I think about it, there’s always been a sort of gardening mania for my mum, though she’s so relaxed in life that I’d say it manifests, at times, more as a gardening fog. In the evening, during the summer, she may forget to say goodnight, stating as she leaves the room, Ok, I’m going outside to tuck in my flowers… She is part of various garden clubs and volunteer gardens that she works on all year, fundraising for different charities with dried flower crafts, or her own photo-flower cards. Her many shelves of gardening books include: The New Greener Thumb, Garden Guide for Canadians, The Complete Book of Compost, Topiary Basics, Tottering in my Garden, Lawns and Ground Covers, Microwaved Pressed Flowers, and Dig.

This past week my mother’s been in the city, in and out of the hospital. The doctors have placed new spells on her, their own brand of witchcraft, to even out the bumps, renew her body, speed it forward on a path to strength, give it pause from cancer’s relentless bulldozing. She’s drinking herbal tea like mad (she tells me), watching movies, reading, spending time with my father.

When I call on the phone, she says in her cheery voice, I can’t wait to get up to the garden. It will be so nice to be up there again. There’ll be some Astors out. My dad, who is on the other line, adds, And we’ve just had a very good omen. Mum got her new passport. Renewable in 2017!

In the cottage kitchen there’s a gardening calendar, The Farmer’s Almanac, with only two notes all summer in my mother’s hand; the date of my Aunt’s funeral and a garden tour she didn’t take because she wasn’t feeling up to it. A calendar marks time in the usual way, but this one has helpful hints too – If the bee’s in the flower there won’t be a shower. Or, For best flavor, dig up your horseradish during a full moon. This month of August there are two full moons: August 1, and August 31 – a true blue moon.

For this, your fifth postcard, I have two images taken during the full moon. You can see how this patch of wildflowers (above) is so well lit. It’s just kissed with moonlight. Photographing by full moon is just like photographing by sunlight (because you can actually SEE), only 1000 better.

The second photograph, for obvious reasons, I’m calling, Many Moons.

xo Amanda

Many Moons

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